2022 New Year New Looks

It's exciting to begin a new year, many see it is a fresh start and so do we at Penthouse Closet. If you've been shopping with us since we started in February 2021 you may have noticed the different transformations, we have gone through as a company. 

Being new in the fashion world it is easy to lose focus, I thought we started with a clear vision but as I began curating inventory truthfully, I got lost in the sauce. But I am here today to tell you our focus is back! I want to continue to bring you unique and high-quality fashions while staying true to our vision. Our vision for Penthouse Closet is to provide great customer service, impeccable fashions, attention to detail, with a luxury feel.

I took some time off in the fall to really home in on what I wanted Penthouse to represent, what type of products I wanted to carry, and strategize on what steps I needed to take to reach my true vision. Once I figured out what I wanted to give I began aligning myself and actions to reach that vision, NO, It was not easy, plenty of restless nights. But in the end, it was all worth It, I finally feel like Penthouse is heading in the right direction and the results are proving to be true.  

This year, we plan to introduce our own collection of clothes and accessories to further grow our Penthouse vision! I am overly excited and happy about the progress we have made and incredibly grateful to all of our customers and people we have reached. Thank you for bearing with us as we found ourselves. Thank you for your support and we hope that we always exceed your expectations. Happy New Year to all and cheers to more life and more success.

Pretty Lo
CEO of Penthouse Closet

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